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This Metuchen Webring site is owned by THE METUCHEN WEBMASTER. 
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If you would like to join the Metuchen Webring, go here for info

How to join the Metuchen Webring    Register with the ring     Updating membership information

The Metuchen Webring is a group of sites, or webring ('ring' for short), held together by a shared connection; our town, Metuchen New Jersey.  Webrings group sites with similar content by linking them together in a circle, or ring. Once a visitor arrives at one site in the webring, they can click on a "Next" or "Previous" link to go to adjacent sites in the ring and, if they do it long enough, end up where they started. Each site in a specific webring displays identical code and graphics to facilitate ring surfing. Special thanks goes to Sage Weil and the original WebRing, without whom this Metuchen Webring would not exist.

The Metuchen Webring is only for pages that are primarily concerned with Metuchen New Jersey or are the homepages of Metuchen residents. All pages which prominently feature Metuchen businesses or other local organizations are invited to join our companion webring,Metuchen Business & Organizations Webring.  A site may be included in the Metuchen Webring if it offers a few products for sale, such as might happen with a hobbyist, but the site must not be primarily commercial in nature.  The Metuchen Webring is meant primarily as a means to link up our local citizenry.  If you are not sure if you page qualifies for the ring, you may write to the webmaster for further information or to have your site reviewed for appropriateness..

This is a family and community orientated ring and not for sites adult in nature.  Sites included in the ring should be of general interest and appropriate for a general audience. Also, all ring members are expected to be good net citizens. This means that our members do not direct link their graphics from other sites, all graphics used on member sites should be located at the site's ISP.  Sites are also expected to comply with copyright and usage limitations.  All sites should have some relevance to the current Metuchen community.  Even if the site does not say much specifically about our town, it's owners should be current residents and not just someone who had some brief past contact with Metuchen..


How to Join the Ring

If you have a website that meets the requirements above, and if you are interested in joining the Metuchen Webring, please follow the steps below. Please read them ALL before you register with the Metuchen Webring, then follow them closely.  If you have trouble with any of the steps, e-mail the ring's webmaster for help.  Please do not register with the Metuchen Webring unless your site currently meets our qualifications.
  • First, you will need a copy of the Metuchen Webring logo, so right click on the logo below and save it to your computer.  Don't change it's name (logomet.gif).  This logo must be placed in the subdirectory where you have the webpage which contains the Metuchen Webring code fragment.

  •               The Metuchen Webring Logo

    Our logo is used to identify Metuchen Webring members, and so should only be used on websites for this purpose. You may reduce the size of these images, but not alter the image itself.  Please Note:: You must place the Metuchen Logo graphics file at your own provider. You may NOT link to the logo on this server.

    If you are on WEB-TV: The no-direct-linking applies to you as well. You will need to make arrangements to get the file uploaded to your ISP somehow.
  • Then you register with the ring.
  • The page you register MUST be the page that will actually contain the Metuchen Webring code and logo. Don't register your main page unless it will be the page that displays the webring logo.

    After you are a member of the Metuchen Webring, if you move the ring's code and logo to another page, you must update your webring membership information to reflect this change.. Do that through the 'updating your site information' box provided below.

    Registering with the Metuchen Webring will put your site in the webing's queue, where it will remain until you are added to the ring. Registering does not insert you in the ring; the actual insertion is done after your page has been reviewed.

    If you and your site are ready now to register with the ring, use thislink.

  • After you register, you will be e-mailed the ring's HTML code fragment.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your site's assigned id number and password - you'll need them to revise your listing in the Metuchen Webring anytime in the future.
  • Then copy the code fragment from the e-mail message and paste it into your website page.
  • Copy the code fragment from the e-mail message and paste it into the page you registered with the Metuchen Webring. Your code fragment will be customized for your particular site and ready to be inserted on your page.

    If you did not receive the code fragemnt, or if it is no longer available to you, you may get a copy of the code fragment, along with directions for it's use, from either of the Metuchen Webring boxes on this page.  Edit the fragment's code and insert your own name and site id number before placing the fragment on your site.  Instructions for this come with the code fragment

    If your Metuchen Webring page is not your site's main page, you might want to add a link from the webring page back to your site's main page so that your visitors can view your whole site.  Don't forget, it's important for visitors also to be able to get back to your webring page easily, so providing a convenient link back to the page where the webring is located is important too.

  • Your completed page should show the Metuchen Webring code as below, but with your own name replacing YOUR NAME.

    This Metuchen Webring site is owned by YOUR NAME. 
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    If you would like to join the Metuchen Webring, go here for info

    Note: The above graphic is not a "working copy" of the Metuchen Webring code but is provided only to show you how it should look when installed. A working copy of the graphic installation can be seen at the top of this webpage.

  • AFTER the code and logo are displaying correctly on your page, e-mail the ring's webmaster at and ask to be added to the ring.

  • After your page has been reviewed, and if it meets the Metuchen Webring's requirements, you will be added to the ring. You will receive an e-mail telling you that you've been added, and will then be able to navigate the entire ring. Until that time, clicking on the code will return you, and your visitors, to this page.

    Note: A site may remain in the queue for 3 weeks. After that time, it will be automatically removed and you will have to reapply.

    Note: If after you are a member of the Metuchen Webring, you move the Metuchen Webring code and graphics to another page, you must change the registered page at the Metuchen Webring. Do that through the 'upgrading your site information' box provided below.

    Updating your Metuchen Webring site information

    If you are already part of the Metuchen Webring and need to edit your site's attributes (URL, your e-mail address, site description, or password), enter your site id and password below. Remember, the page that is registered with the Metuchen Webring MUST be the page that actually contains the Metuchen Webring code.

    Site id:

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